Sunday, March 17, 2013

3 months old

So this last week I went back to work and Owen started going to school (what we call daycare...seems less traumatic that way....for me).  To say Monday was hard would be an understatement.  I was feeling ok Monday morning, starting our new routine.  Tears were being kept at bay....until Matt left for work and said, "I'm proud of you guys, you'll do great."  Ughh stupid jerk being all supportive and nice to me.  And then the tears started a little bit.  Once I got to school with Owen, I took him out of his carseat, handed him over to his teacher, opened my mouth to tell her something and burst into tears.  Owen took one look at my face, his little lip popped out and then he started crying.  I gave him a quick kiss and literally ran out the door.  I knew if I stayed another minute I would have ended up calling in sick.

Matt called about 2 minutes later....and the conversation was pretty one sided, pretty much just him trying to calm me down.  Once I got to work I was a bit better.  It was good to see all my coworkers again and everyone was super nice and seemed happy to see me (aka good distraction).  When I went to pump for the first time, sitting in a handicapped bathroom alone (with no shirt on), thinking about Owen being at school, made the tears return.  The rest of the day was ok.

When I got to school to pick him up, his afternoon teacher was great and brought him right over to me and put his face right in front of mine so he could see me and he just lit up. :)  All smiles and flailing about (that's his happy dance).  Buuuuut then we got home.  And every time I looked at his little face all I could think about was not being with him.  And not seeing him for more than two hours a day, 5 days a week.  So the tears returned.  And didn't stop.  And didn't stop.  And just wouldn't stop.  I cried from the moment I got home until I finally fell asleep around 11:00pm.  I'm pretty sure Matt thought I was either a). Going to quit my job the next morning, or b). I was having a nervous breakdown, or c). Possibly both.  Not gonna lie, option C was buzzing around in my mind.

Tuesday morning I didn't cry at school, but then Matt in all his wonderfulness called to check in again right after I dropped Owen off and the water main broke down.  That night, Owen fell asleep only 90 minutes after we got home...which almost pushed me over the edge again.  When I looked in on him before going to bed, again all I could think about was being away from all day everyday.  And maybe cried for an hour...

The rest of the week was a bit less dramatic, but only made me realize how much I wish working part time was a more viable option.  My department at work is short more than 2 people right now, and will be short even more very soon.  And we were all already overworked before being shorthanded.  Part time is a zero possibility at this point.  And I really like my job and all my coworkers, so hopefully everything smooths out over time.

Anyway....That was the last week for us.  Owen seems to like school.  He's in a room with about 8-10 other kids 18 months and under.  There are two other little babies around his age for him to play with and there is one little girl (about 14 months old I think) who seems to have a crush on him. :)  She always wants to rock his carseat when we're packing up and likes to gently pat his hand goodbye. :)

And to end on a happy note....Owen turned 3 months old on Thursday (3/14/2013)!  Ahhhh I can't believe our little bug is growing up so fast!

He's pretty excited for opening day just around the corner. :)

Seriously, check out those chunky little legs. :)  

Owen and his bear...Bearemy. :) (Thanks Uncle Seth!)

And because we're such responsible, mature, adult parents, Matt and I also thought this was a good idea...

And then this.....

Just a glimpse into his future. :)  He's such a good sport too, he just kept smiling at us laughing at him. :)

~M, S, and Hispter O~

***Weekly words of wisdom:  Everyone I know who has been through bringing their kids to school/daycare claims, "It gets easier."  But I'm pretty sure they're lying to me at this point.  Quit lying to liars.  Gosh.***

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