Monday, July 30, 2012

20 Weeks "We're having a....."

I'll  let Matt do the honors.... several different various places around Madison....


He's just a little bit excited. :)

We had our 20 week ultrasound (07.23.2012) three days after our 19/20 week Dr appointment.  We got to see Baby K for over an hour on the ultrasound screen, which was amazing.  When we first got started, the little stinker had his legs crossed, so we were not able to check out the gender until about half way through the appointment.  The Ultrasound Tech checked all his vital organs to make sure they were accounted for, the correct size, and had the right amount of activity going on in them. And everything checked out A-OK.  Once Baby K finally uncrossed his legs, he spread eagle and there was no mistaking him for a girl (that's my boy!).  The tech was a lot of fun and announced it by saying, "Here's one leg, another leg, and a third leg."  And then Matt clapped, cheered, and threw his arms in the air.  Yeah, he actually did all of that in the room. :)

After the appointment, Matt had to go back to work and I went to Babies R Us and Target to work on our registries.  Priorities people, let me tell you.  I've been itching to buy some baby clothes, but forced myself to wait until we found out if we were having a boy or girl.  Funny thing is, I didn't even buy anything that day, except for the crib sheet you got a sneak peek of in the last post.

But on Tuesday, I went back to Target and to Macy's and found a couple cute things to bring home with me. :)  The crib mattress and waterproof mattress pad, which we had to purchase separately, came in the mail this week too. (Both from Walmart)

On Saturday we went garage saling for little boy clothes...and hit the jackpot. (Have you noticed how hard it is to find little boy clothes at garage sales?  Seriously annoying)  I also found a little consignment shop that had everything 50% off, and they had TONS of boy case you're wondering, this is what $34 looks like.

Yeah, I'm a dork.  I actually laid it all out so I could admire it and take a picture of it.  I already washed and folded it all too. :)  And apparently I really like red, blue, and stripes.

We also found a changing table on Craigslist that we picked up and weirdly enough, Matt was friends with the girl's (who was selling it) sister.  Small world.

I met up with my awesomely talented friend Heather (check her out at Heather Tyler Photography for proof of her awesomeness) on Sunday for a visit and to buy her first daughter's old stroller/car seat off of her.  It's the Chicco Cortina Travel System Stroller in Zest.  So excited for this!

I realize it may seem to weird to people to that we're buying so many things used, but I figure you only use baby things for such a short amount of time, we may as well save money (and the environment too) wherever and whenever we can.  And lightly used is almost the same as new in my eyes.

Here's some more pics of the weekend:

We picked these two hats up on State Street in two of the UW Madison shops.  Since our little badger will be joining us in December, he'll need some cute hats to keep his head warm. :)

Oh, and here's our latest weekly belly picture.  (Though we missed week 19...)
20 weeks along:


One final amazing thing from this week...I finally felt Baby K move!  I thought I had felt him on the morning of our 19 week appointment, but it was only a very light carbonation-like feeling, and only for about 2 seconds.  Our Dr and the Ultrasound Tech both asked if I had felt him move yet, which was frustrating having to say, "Umm, maybe once?"  But then the day after finding out we would be having a hot dog vs. a chicken breast, I finally felt some strong kicks.  I actually love how it went from nothing to everything almost all at once.  And if his movements are any indication of talent, he's going to be an amazing soccer player. :)  I normally feel him the most around 6pm, when he'll kick and bump around for about 2-3 minutes and then again when I go to bed.  Matt felt him move about 4 days after I first did, which made us both happy since sometimes it can take longer for the dad to feel it (or so I've heard).  Felling him bounce around in my belly has been such an incredible addition to the pregnancy.  Knowing he's a little boy and feeling him move makes  it all seem 100% real to us now...instead of just feeling and looking like I ate 14 burritos in one day.  :)

~ M, S, and Baby Boy K :)  ~

***Weekly words of wisdom: A body pillow is seriously the best invention ever.  After Matt fighting with me every night to give up his two of the four pillows I use to fall asleep, I finally picked up a body pillow.  Best. Invention. Ever. ***

Sunday, July 29, 2012

19 Weeks "When's the big event?"

OK, sorry to be a week late on this one....but we have lots and lots to share. :)

Week 19 started with a story from the hospital (work).  I went to the cafeteria one morning to grab a breakfast burrito for my morning break.  As I reached for said burrito, I heard someone say, "So, when's the big event?"  I turned and saw a man standing behind me.  I said, "What?" thinking he was asking when I was going to eat my burrito.  He repeated, "So, when's the big event?"  I glanced in confusion at his companion, who pointed at my stomach.  "Ohh," I replied. "December."  He looked at me funny, "Huh, I would have thought you were a lot farther along than that."

And another hospital/work story.  I was talking to one of our Pathologists and he asked me when I was due, and I told him.  He then showed me a picture of a friend of his' that had recently had a baby girl.  When I asked her name he said, "Oh they call her Pepper."  Matt thinks it's a sign.

We bought a crib this week!  I know in our last post I mentioned we were set on a crib from Walmart, but with having to order it and wait for it to arrive, well, we found one at Target (in the store) that we could bring home the same day last weekend.  The stores actually just started carrying this particular model (Graco Mason) too...and honestly, it looks almost exactly like the Walmart version we liked.  And if you look closely at the above link to the crib, you'll see an online review from someone familiar. :)  It went together in less than an hour...and I only snapped at Matt about 5 times too, so win win.

Last weekend we also picked up a rug for the Baby K's room.  We found it at Home Depot.  It's a cream colored shag rug, size 8'x10', which covers almost the entire floor.  We had talked about carpeting the baby room because it gets hot in the summer and cold in the winter, but I'm thinking it's been because of the lack of rug and curtains in there.

Here's a peek at the crib and part of the bedding...

We have the paint color picked out for the walls, which we'll pick up and start working on in the next few weeks.  It's currently a pukey yellow color that I've never liked, so I'm excited to paint over it.

We had our 19/20 week Doctor appointment this week as well.  I weighed in and was surprised to find that I had only gained 1.6 pounds over the last month.  I feel like I've been eating more and obviously growing quite a belly, so it was a bit of a shock to only be up that much.  From here on out it should be more steady though....

Stay tuned for another post tomorrow....having to do with a second doctor appointment we had, possibly involving a 20 week ultrasound.....and maybe finding out the sex of Baby K....  :)

~M, S, and Baby K

***Weekly Words of Wisdom:  Have you tried Orange Soda?  Like almost any brand?  It is probably the most delicious thing in existence...and how have I not been drinking it my entire life?!  Not to worry, I'm getting my life's fill these days. :) ***

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

18 Weeks "Those shorts look like my size"

So, bad news on the daycare front.  I called the wonderful lady around the corner (mentioned last week) the next day and told her we were 100% interested in using her for our provider...only to have her say that she was going to go with one of the interviewees that was available in October, verses March (when we would need her).  She said that if we could find temporary care until June, she would have another opening, so we're kind of thinking about that option.  However we chatted with our neighbors earlier this week (both of whom are teachers in town) and they both mentioned that they knew of a few other really good people in town that parents had used and also other teachers.  So, it gives me hope that we'll find someone soon.

In other news...the belly has 100% popped.  I feel like it's grown to a mega belly since even last week's photo  I get weekly emails from updating me on the growth and development of the baby and also things I may be going through.  The email warned that if I'm feeling huge now, I should just wait.  I should be gaining about 1 pound a week from here on out and the belly will be growing like crazy too.  Also, none of my running shorts fit me anymore, so I went to Marshall's to find some cheap ones to tide me over...and bought size large (normally I'm a medium) and they looked giant to me in the store....then came home and they were a little tight around the waist.  Definitely made me feel sexy.  Especially when Matt said they looked like they were his size shorts. : /

On the weekend, Matt and I brought the puppies to downtown Madison to walk around State Street a bit and to sit at the Union, which is on Lake Mendota.  And it was a perfect 18 week photo opportunity since it was Suzie's birthday week too.

18 weeks along:

Can't leave these two cuties out either. :)

We also picked out the crib we're going to get this week.  It's actually from Walmart of all places too.  I normally don't even shop there that often (like maybe twice a year), but I've read A LOT of reviews for cribs and the one from Walmart was one the highest rated, not super expensive ones.  It's actually my second choice, but choice number one was over $500...which seemed like a bit much considering the mattress has to be purchased separately.  The one we'll be ordering is only $150, and since we had hoped to spend less that $250 for a crib, I (aka Matt) am very happy with the cost....then we can up the budget for something else, right? :)   

I also found bedding for a boy and for a girl, so once we find out the sex I'll be placing an order on that too.  And we find out so soon!  I literally feel like everyday leading up to finding out is taking an eternity.  Cross your fingers for Baby K to not act all gentlemanly/ladylike and have his/her legs crossed.  We have our 20 week appointment coming up, and the ultrasound soon after!  Yay!


M, S, and Baby K

***Weekly Words of Wisdom: If little kids normally ignore your existence and they're suddenly flocking to you in Target, you're probably pregnant.  Seriously, kids will not leave me alone.  They either come and stand by me for reason, shout "HI!" when they pass me, or smile at me allll the time.  And I don't feel like I have a very friendly face when I'm out and about so, they must have some kind of intuition.***

Monday, July 9, 2012

16 and 17 Weeks "I don't even look pregnant today"

Sorry for the delay in week 16, but honestly, nothing truly eventful really happened.  So, I'm combining to last two weeks into this one post.  Probably the most exciting thing that happened during the 16th week was the following story:

I had ordered a couple books from the library, so Matt and I walked the puppies down there to pick them up.  Before leaving the house, I put on a pair of my sexy new maternity shorts, a t-shirt, (this matters, I promise) and as we were walking out of the house I said to Matt, "I feel like I don't even look pregnant today."  He was nice enough to not comment.  So, I go into the Lib, grab my books and go to check out.  As the librarian is scanning my books, one of which was, The Happiest Baby on the Block (awesome, by the way) the nice lady says to me, "Ohhhh, are you expecting?"  And I said yes.  And then she says, "I saw your belly when you walked in, but didn't want to say anything just in case, but then I saw the book and just knew you must be!"

Week 17 was the Fourth of July week and I was super excited to have taken Monday and Tuesday off of work for no reason at all.  My lab was closed on Wednesday for the holiday, so I enjoyed 5 full days off in a row, with no plans what-so-ever, something I don't think I've ever done.  I did end up meeting up with Mama Deb in LaCrosse on day, but other than that, nada....which actually turned out to be a bit boring, but oh well.

Matt and I finally ventured out into the community on the 4th to check out the festival in town.  The "festival" consisted of a food tent, about 5 carnival games, and pony rides.  Oh, and Bingo at the firehouse!  We played for about an hour or so and then a certain lucky prego lady won and I definitely screamed out Bingo like a crazy person, when almost everyone else had mumbled it with their hand raised.  I think I did a crazy witch-like giggle too.  Best $15 won ever.

We also met with our first potential daycare provider.  Who in a word was wonderfulamazingdelightful.  We actually decided we liked her so much, were going to call tomorrow and say we're in.  She's interviewing two other families this week for the one opening coming available, so hopefully we made a great/noncreepy impression and she'll pick us. :)

And since you have all been so sweetly asking (and by asking I mean demanding) a belly you go.  :)  And thank you to my beautiful buddy Tonya for my favorite borrowed maternity dress.  :)

17 weeks along:


M, S, and Baby K

***Weekly Words of Wisdom:  If you skip the tolls when driving to Illinois to visit friends and promise yourself you'll pay them as soon as you get won't.  And $6.00 in skipped tolls very easily turns into a $175 fine from the State of IL.***