Thursday, August 23, 2012

23 weeks "That may have cured my orange pop obsession"

During week 23, I had our 6 month doctor check up, which included the glucose test, which checks to see if I have gestational diabetes.  In a nut shell, I drink a flat orange pop-like drink, wait an hour, and than have blood drawn.  And two days later, I found out the tests were all negative, which diabetes! :)

We also went to Viroqua (WI) to visit Matt's good friend Judd and his wife Allison, who are expecting their own Baby E just 4 weeks after us.  Allison and I talked babies probably 97% of the visit, while the boys drank lots of beer and we all fell asleep watching a movie by 11:00pm.  Allison and I went nuts in Once Upon A Child, a kids thrift store in La Crosse, where I found a bunch of little pants, since we only had 2 pairs and about 56 onsies.  It was fun to look at little girl girl clothes with the Eastman's since they just found out they're expecting Baby K's future girlfriend. :)

The only downside of the weekend was that I ended up with an awful backache on Sunday, which lasted all day and night....long car trips and sleeping are definitely becoming more and more uncomfortable.

Oh!  Great news I almost forgot about....we 100% decided on Baby K's name this week!  It's the one we had been leaning towards all along, but wanted to wait and see if it fit.  One night Matt referred to him as _______ and suddenly we both just knew that's who he was meant to be. :)  :)  :)  We had been undecided about whether or not to share the name with everyone up front, mainly for all the "looks," aka reactions, people have when you share baby names.  Matt was all for sharing, while I was wanting to wait until we had a cute baby to attach the name to, aka hopefully less reactions, thinking that would also be something private for just Matt and me....but in the end we told our parents, and swore them to least for the time being.

23 weeks along
Emphasizing my prettiness and also my aching back when we got home on Sunday.

I've decided to start doing a funny picture every week, because lets be honest, would I really be me without doing that?  :)  But also a normal one too, so can try and keep you all convinced I can look normal sometimes....but we forgot to do a normal one this week. :)

~M, S, and Baby K

***Weekly words of wisdom: People may look at you weird if you try to shop in normal stores when you're  6 months pregnant.  They will stare at your belly and then at you with stink eye looks on their faces, which  then may or may not but probably will make you see a mega monster stomach in the mirror you're standing by....which then may make you exit the store for the maternity store next door.  This could happen to you.***

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

22 weeks "Can I touch your belly?"

This last week was kind of quiet on the Kendall front, which was nice since I seem to be falling back into the "I'm tired every afternoon" phase...which is actually quite annoying.  I had been going a little nuts every day after work with organizing, cleaning, and making little adjustments all over the house (aka nesting).  And our house had never looked better or been cleaner too.  Hopefully the short lived nesting will return, since Baby K's room still needs to be painted, curtains hing, dresser painted, closet doors figured out....

This last weekend I went back to Matt and my's college town, Winona, for a girl's/friendship weekend with some friends from college.  Since one of us has a cutie pie little 6 month old, and two more of us are pregnant, we got  A LOT of baby talking time in, which was wonderful.  I try really hard to not overwhelm non pregnant and non parent people with baby talking, since I know it used to annoying me a tiny bit.  But this weekend, I just let it ride and my friend/new mama Nicole is someone I have always gone to for advice, so I was grateful to hear all the baby info she had to offer. :)

My back has started to give me some grief this week.  It seems that no matter how I sit or lay down, it aches.  Sunday night I got about 25 minutes of sleep and had a bad stomach ache all night, so needless to say, Monday was a sick day for me.  I finally got about 3 hours of sleep around 6am and then another hour int he afternoon, but the belly ache didn't go away until Tuesday.  The Doctor said it could have been gas or my belly expanding/adjusting and to keep an eye on it (I have a previously scheduled appointment later this week) and it has since gone away.

One sort of exciting thing this week....we're about 90% sure we have Baby K's name chosen for him!  We had been going back and forth between two different ones (with a third on the back burner) and after talking realized we were both leaning strongly towards one of them.  No idea on a middle name yet, but it's been fun trying out thinking of Baby K as ______ instead of just "him" all the time.

Next week is our 23 week Dr appointment and also our glucose test, which I'm excited for because apparently the baby goes a little crazy from all the sugar and moves around like a maniac all afternoon.  I must say, feeling Baby K move around has been 100% my favorite thing about being pregnant thus far.  I still think it's so amazing that I'm growing a little life inside me all day everyday and that we get to meet him in less than 3 1/2 months.  :)   Holy sh*t.....less than 3 1/2 months.....

22 weeks along

Ty Cobb is a bit of a camera hog :)

Aaaaand this is what happens when I'm crabby at Matt (for some reason I can't even remember) and he tells me to smile for the photo.....he is one lucky man, let me tell you.  Not everyone gets to wake up to this face everyday.....

~M, S, and Baby K~

***Weekly words of wisdom: There is a such thing as too much cream cheese in one weekend.  It may or may not wreak havoc on your stomach for two or more days.  Trust me on this.***

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

21 Weeks "I do this for a living, you know"

Our 21st week gave us an amazing, yet super weird experience.  We saw Baby K move.  We've been feeling him river dance about for about two weeks now, but on Sunday night we actually saw him bumping in my belly.  We were sitting next to each other on the couch watching TV, which was kind of weird for us anyway.  Normally we each like to sprawl out on our own couch, but for whatever reason I was sitting right next to Matt.  Baby K started kicking around and just as I told Matt so he could reach over to feel, we both looked at my belly and saw a little poke.  So cool, and weird, but definitely amazing. :)  We both started laughing, which made him stop kicking of course, but we're so happy we were able to experience seeing him move for the first time together.

We also found out that one of my best friends from college is also expecting her own Baby G, just 2 months after us! :)  Believe it or not, these two classy ladies will moms in a few months. :)

Yeah, that was 2005.  And we're with one of our favorite drunk Winona townies.  Don't judge.  We had a great time. :)  One of Matt's best friends from childhood and his wife are also expecting their Baby E four weeks after us. :)  It's been wonderful being able to share our experiences with both couples and I can't wait for baby play dates in the spring!

We also started painting Baby K's room this week!  Here's a sneak peek of what we're doing.  Actually I hate sneak peeks, I'm an instant gratification person.  Here's what we have done so far.

Ok, so the window faces the front of the house and the painted/taped wall is shared with our guest room.  You can see the door handle on the far left by the white wall and a bit of the closet on the very left of the photo.  Our bedroom is on the other side of the closet wall, with our door almost directly across from Baby K's door.  You can see the nasty sick yellow color that the walls were painted when we moved in.  I love yellow, but this yellow reminds me of jaundice.  And stomach bile.  Step One: Paint soon to be striped wall with base/primer paint in Glidden's Toasted Marshmallow.  It took two coats to cover the yellow.  Step Two: Measure, chalk line snap, and tape for soon to be stripes!  (Step 2.5: Argue over the best way to measure and put tape on the wall)

Step Three: Make nice with Matt after being too bossy and admire his paint job.

The grey/blue color is Antique Silver, also by Glidden.  It's a lovely (aka manly) light grey/blue.  Matt wanted blue walls and I wanted grey, so we compromised on Antique Silver...and LOVE it.  The rest of the walls will be painted solid in this color.  I have all of the edging/trimming done, but lost steam after doing that, so the majority of the room is still yellow.

Step Four:  Shove crib and rug back into place so we can admire and envision the room all painted. :)

So the vision for the room is pretty simple.  As you can tell from our wall colors, pretty neutral and calm.  Basically grey/blue, navy, with lime-ish/bright green accents.  The room won't have a theme, besides the colors being used.  The crib is a rich espresso color, like the wood floors, and the changing table is that same color.  I have a dresser from when I was baby that I'm going to paint white (probably the Toasted Marshmallow color) and then probably navy curtains for the windows.  Matt picked out some lime-ish green and bright blue (2 each) canvas totes from Home Depot's Martha Stewart line, that we'll use on the changing table shelves to hold diapers, wipes, toys etc.  Because the closet and main door take up one whole wall, and the two giant windows take up most of the other two walls, the striped wall be the barer of some home made art I have in mind.  It will be a giant painted canvas, to go over the crib.  I really hope it works out because I've had it in mind for our future baby room for a while...and it's going to be awesome!  Oh for bedding, we have the green sheet and we'll probably get at least one more in the room colors (Target has one I've had my eye on).

Anyway, enough about the room.  Here's what I know you're all waiting for, my 21 week belly photo.

21 weeks along:

Just me and my two little boys.  :)


M, S, and Baby K

***Weekly Words of Wisdom: Around 21 weeks your belly will probably start to get in the way of bending over like you used to.  Try really hard not to grunt like a giant pig every time you forget it's there and try to lean over like you used to. : /  ***