Wednesday, August 14, 2013

7 months old

Like usual....Mommy is one month late, but here you all go.

On July 14th I turned 7 months old!

My mommy says I'm a little stink bug that just couldn't sit still for this month's photo.  I just love to be on my belly, sticking my butt into the air, trying sososo hard to crawl.  Or when I get really excited, I balance on my belly while flailing my arms and legs.

*I got my first tooth on my 7 month birthday!  And my second one followed two weeks later!  It took about a month for the first one to finally stay up, but they're here!
*I love to swing in my swing hanging in the apple tree in the backyard.  Sometimes I fall asleep while playing in it.
*Love bath time!  If I'm every crabby in the evening, a bath will always cheer me up.  Especially now that I can sit up and splash Mommy and chew on my bath toys.
*Belly flailing is Mommy and daddy's favorite activity to watch me do; it always makes them laugh, which then makes me laugh.
*Kind of sort of started talking.  It's "Da da da da da da da:" alllll the time.  And sometimes just "Da da da"  Only when I was wanting Mommy really bad a couple times did "MA ma ma" come much as Mommy chants ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma at me all the time...
*It took me a while to warm up to the idea of food.  Mommy tried purrees and then some Baby Led Weaning but I was just not having any part of it.  So after a few stressful weeks of trying to get me to eat anything at all, Mommy gave me a week off, and wouldn't you know it, just like that I was loving it all.  I'm eating mostly pureed fruit/veggie combos, but also some cut up fruit too.
*Bumped up into size 3 diapers
*Wearing 12 month pajamas, 9 and 9-12 month onsies/tops, and  3-6 month bottoms.



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